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Heavy Engineering

Custom Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a process that involves bending and cutting metal to form a specific, boilerplate structure or product. Custom metal fabrication uses a wide range of specialized industrial equipment to achieve its desired result. The most common metals used in this process include stainless steel, copper, aluminum and carbon steel. The process of custom metal fabrication occurs in three stages; metal cutting, welding and assembly.

Custom metal fabrication work done today combines traditional hammer and forge methods with modern technologies like plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and AutoCAD. This ensures the accuracy of the fabrication and allows you to anticipate exactly what kind of product you will receive. Custom metal fabricators can create products that will match your needs perfectly, using a variety of high-quality materials and advanced methods.


A fabricated sheet metal product can be a difficult and delicate procedure for shipping & handling. Whether you need a single specialty item, a piece of equipment made right away or a large-scale production run done in a matter of weeks, you will need efficient and affordable sheet metal fabrication.

To reduce loss and maximize efficiency, plasma, shearing and water jet cutting tools are used to cut directly where needed without overheating or damaging the metal being used. That means you will get benefit from having cuts made precisely where you need them, which virtually eliminates any variation in cuts and ensures that pieces will fit as designed.

As long as you abide the lead times and provide the proper file formats, you sheet metal fabrication needs can be handled quickly, efficiently, affordably, and without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

Custom Welding

Divine Engineering Service is dedicated to continual process improvement with an in house. Our welders can meet the highest quality standards to meet the challenges that will supply you with a quality job consistently.

We continue to purchase the newest innovative welding equipment. Divine Engineering Service is always striving to be the best custom fabrication shop we can be. We invite you to contact Divine Engineering Service to see how we may assist you.

Heavy Fabricartion

Divine Engineering Service offers some of the largest custom and structural fabrications. We have a proven track record of supplying large and complex fabrications.


Divine Engineering Service’s rolling and equipment performs precision rolling operations that can generate multiple bends in sheet metal, all while maintaining high accuracy and repeat-ability.

We work with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials, creating such products as enclosures, channels, frames, cones, arcs, and many other items involving rolling and multiple bends.

CNC Machining

With our CNC machining operations, we specialize in supplying precision machined to the military, transportation,medical and agricultural industries.

Machining custom casting to fit our client’s specific job requirements, we solicit worldwide casting prices to provide customers with the most cost-effective product for their retail market. In addition, Divine Engineering Service has established a series of quality control processes to ensure all products fall within proper tolerances.

Painting & Blasting

As part of Divine Engineering Service’s commitment to offering clients full-service product manufacturing, we have acquired a paint booth for handling all industrial painting and blasting jobs.

Our deluxe paint booth allows for advanced airflow management and contamination control, and is complete with various lifts and a bake-on cure feature that bakes on the finish for better paint quality. In addition, our paint booth includes multi-filtered air as well as optional cure packages.